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Karma 13" for GTI

Karma 13" for GTI

Perfectly quality build and perfectly priced. Meet our piece of beauty Karma Coil 13” DD. Quickly it will become your favorite fellow in your everyday treasure hunt.

Why Karma coil is best among all other brands:

Specially selected durable plastic material mould injected by 160 tones high technology machine

We use in our production Polyimide which is up to 8 times with better strength in comparison to normal Polypropylene standardly used.

Injection of 2 types of epoxy on 2 different layers

Scratch resistant outer epoxy layer

Lighter inner epoxy layer

We combine highly resistant epoxy layer combining it with lighter inner layer making the coil highly durable in everyday use and simulatively as light as possible.

High quality coil cable made in Japan

We have tested dozens of cables before to find out the perfect coil cable produced exclusively in Japan. The cable is flexible and with perfect technical specifications ideally suitable for coil production.

Aluminum foil designed to limit outer interferences

Every coil is carefully sealed with aluminum foil to limit any possible outer interferences on the field. Our production is much slower than standard coil production but in this way we achieve higher standards of quality.

Every coil we produce pass 8 quality check points in its production process. This assure that all coils we produce has same perfectly scored capabilities and you will receive nothing but the best.

This coil is suitable for Garrett GTI2500 model only!

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Specially selected durable plastic

Scratch resistant outer epoxy layer

High quality coil cable, Made in Japan

Aluminum foil designed to limit outer interferences

Light inner epoxy layer

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